The Weekly Rapport #9: Podcasts, Books, Coffee and More

Hey guys,

Here’s your weekly guide of things I’m enjoying, consuming, using and loving. Enjoy.

Podcast I’m Listening To

Lewis Howes and Kobe Bryant

I randomly came across Lewis Howes’ podcast School of Greatness. He is a former football player and entrepreneur who has a lot of great guests from the business and sports world. One of his more recent episodes features the now-retired Kobe Bryant. As usual, Kobe provides a bunch of great stories from his playing days as well as a few motiviational tips on how to get better at just about anything.

What I’m Reading

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain


This book was recommended by a few friends. Kitchen Confidential offers a unique perspective into the restaurant business and already it’s given me such a greater appreciation of just how hard it is to run a restaurant, or kitchen, for that matter. The amount of coordination, luck, skill, effort, and sleepless nights required just to stay afloat is mind-blowing. Also hearing about what goes on behind closed doors in the kitchens of all the places you eat at can be a bit unnerving and eye-opening. Once piece of advice from Bourdain – “Never order fish on Monday.”

Since Anthony Bourdain passed away, I’ve actually gone deep into a lot of his creations. I’ve watched almost every episode of Parts Unknown (which is just so good), I listened to a few of his interviews, and just recently started reading his book. I had no idea that he was essentially unknown until he was 44 years old and reached incredible fame after his book and then his show No Reservations. Other than being a phenomenal chef, he was such a talented writer and a truly great human being.

Coffee I’m Drinking

Grass-fed Butter, MCT oil and Collagen protein a.k.a. “Bulletproof Coffee”


This is a “fad” that most people have an enormously difficult time comprehending. No one thinks twice about adding milk or cream in their coffee. But mention butter and people freak. “How could putting a big chunk of butter in to your coffee possibly be ‘healthy’?”

Ok, first off, it’s unsalted Grass-fed butter you uneducated peccary. And secondly, we’re not saying it’s “healthier” than a cup of black coffee. Obviously, that’s not true. But it can and should be used in conjunction with a properly nutritious diet. Drinking a butter-loaded coffee and then eating Five Guys isn’t going to give you 6-pack abs. I know, I tried…

Honestly, I’m not that good at explaining it, and I also don’t totally get it either… so you’re not alone. But 1) I’ve been doing it for a few months and love it (my dad even does it and looks great),  and 2) it’s recommended by a host of top performers (Rick Rubin), extremely well-educated scientists (Dom D’Agostino), and expert health professionals (Peter Atia, Mark Sisson) on both the Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan podcasts.

If you don’t understand it or haven’t tried it. Here are some quick facts about it:

  1. The fat from the butter satisfies your hunger, while allowing for proper hormonal functions. The fat allows for a slower absorption of the caffeine from the coffee which prevents the coffee “jitters” and gives you more consistent energy through out the day.  Grass-fed butter also contains Omega 3’s and important fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamin A, E, and D. *Taken from Healthy Experiment
  2. MCT oil – or Multi-chain triglyceride, you can also use coconut oil. The oil converts to Ketones which is an energy source preferred by the brain. The result? More mental clarity and another source of energy. It also makes it easier to digest the fat in the butter
  3. Caffeine – No explanation needed
  4. Collagen protein is great for the skin, joints, and bones. In the 6 months I’ve been using it, my skin has gotten clearer and way less dry than usual
  5. It kills my cravings and keeps me full for hours
  6. It is delicious

How to start: I usually just make an 8oz cup from my Keurig, I take about 1-2 tbsp of Kerrygold Unsalted Grass-fed butter (silver package), a droplet of MCT oil or Coconut Oil*, and a scoop of Collagen protein. Stir for about 90 seconds.

*Warning: be very careful with the dosage of MCT/coconut oil. Just a droplet. I’ll spare you the details but a read the Amazon reviews if you want a quick laugh.

A lot of articles and blogs will say to use this Coffee as a meal replacement for breakfast and to extend a ketogenic fast, but I think that is stupid. Replacing a balanced, healthy breakfast with bulletproof coffee displaces a lot of important nutrients. You should eat a nutrient rich breakfast like eggs, spinach, and avocado on sprouted toast. Plus, drinking this first thing in the morning is bound to be an acidic nightmare for your stomach. I like to drink my butter coffee after I eat breakfast. I usually have this at around 10 or 11am when I’m settled into my morning.

Device I’m Using

Listerine Ultraclean Reach Floss


I never flossed. I couldn’t bring myself to wrap that death rope around my hands and reach deep into my mouth only to get my fingers gross and wet. A couple of years ago my dentist introduced me to his floss toothbrush contraption – which is basically a tooth brush with a mini disposable flosser on the end of it. It’s made it so easy to get the hard-to-reach spots in the back of my mouth. Haven’t had a cavity since. And I have had a lot of cavities… Like, seriously I’ve had maybe 15.

Memes that Have Me Cracking Up

I tried giving up all social media a few times, but honestly the hardest part was losing touch with the latest memes and jokes across the internet. I quickly lost clout in keeping up with pop culture and a lot of jokes amongst my friends were flying over my head. The most recent Instagram fad has been “White People Love to Say” and I gotta say they are painfully accurate. Lot of cry face emojis. All from @donny.drama

Good Reads

  • Lacrosse’s Biggest Star Is Starting a New Outdoor League: Some of Lacrosse’s biggest names, including Paul Rabil are starting their own outdoor league, backed by sports/media investors lef by Raine Group. Premier Lacrosse League players will be full-time employees, get health care and equity.
  • Iron Town: The town of Tenby, Wales has become one of the favorite destinations for triathletes competing in the town’s annual Ironman race due to the charming feel and the crazy crowd. The small town of 5,000 now has more triathletes per capita than anywhere in the world.
  • Magic Mushrooms Should be Less Illegal: “Psilocybin is gaining a reputation for its potential to treat depression and help people overcome substance abuse. Now, a team of researchers [at Johns Hopkins University] has publicly recommended that, based on its medical advantages and low potential for abuse, psilocybin should be made legal.”

Have a good one y’all


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