The Weekly Rapport: Disney, Extinctions, and Gingers

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Welcome to the Weekly Rapport. A weekly guide of things I’m reading, doing, and experimenting with. Enjoy.

Quote of the Week

Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered – either by themselves or by others. – Mark Twain

What I’m Reading

The Ride of a Lifetime – Robert Iger


This was a really cool read, and you don’t have to be a Disney buff to find it interesting. I’m certainly not a buff, but I’ve watched most of movies we all know and love as quintessential “Disney.”

Not only do Robert Iger’s stories as CEO remind you of how GIANT Disney has become (acquiring ABC, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 21st Century Fox) and claiming ownership of tiny little things like Hulu, ESPN, and NatGeo, but also he talks about how unbelievably hard it is to lead a company of this size. From hiring/firing talented people, to handling global crises, to making money and keeping shareholders happy, this book stresses me out just thinking about running a company that big. But it also calms me as Iger details the important and critical thought processes behind every succesful (and some unsuccessful) decisions he makes. It may not always be the right choice in the end, but it’s the pricinples that you hold yourself to that ultimately earn you respect. This book also just makes me want to go on a trip to Disney World and watch every Pixar movie in a week. Marvel movies first.

He was also just on the last Tim Ferriss Podcast episode.

What Else I’m Reading this Week

The Sixth Extinction: And Unnatural History – Elizabeth Kolbert


This Pulitzer Prize winning book is not surprising and not the “alarmist” type book you may think based off the title & cover. If you have one eye open on the news in the last three decades, you should already be well aware of what’s going on with our planet. Humans and our activites are expediting the degradation of ecosystems across Earth. We can argue the finer points ’til we’re all dead, but there’s no denying that basic fact at this point.

In this book, Elizabeth Kolbert dives deep in research taking her all across the US,  Greenland, the Amazon, Peru, New Zealand, Austrailia, and more to discover the remarkable rate at which millions of species are becoming extinct at a rate never seen before in history – chimpanzees, may amphibians, polar bears, etc. On Earth, there have been five major extinctions, but this one will be the first caused primarily by one species: us.

Might be best to pick up a light-hearted romance novel after this one…

My New Favorite Podcast

Whiskey Ginger with Andrew Santino

I started following Andrew Santino a few years back after I saw some YouTube clips of his stand-up. Since then, he’s been a regualr fixture on Joe Rogan’s podcast. But now he has his own podcast and the first episode I listened to was with his pal Bryan Callen, a talented comedian and actor. I’m not joking when I say I laughed the entire hour. I was walking to the grocery store legit in tears. So funny and such a unique style of shit talking.

Great Reads Across the Internet

  • The Only Way is Through [Player’s Tribune] – I’m not a big fan of the Sixers in general but after reading this it’s hard not to like Joel Embiid and his story. Honestly, The Player’s Tribune has been one of my favorite places to go for articles. Not only are their great stories, but you learn to understand these multi-millionaire athletes on a personal level. It’s easy to see a pitcher let up a home run and call him a bum, but when you read an article about his family or his struggles, you realize that these are just people, lucky enough to be living out their dream and trying their fucking hardest every day.
  • Unique DIY Organization Hacks@AndySwan [Twitter] – these are all amazing, but take way too much effort. I’m not making origami out of a box of Frosted Flakes so I can organize my trinket drawer…
  • The Ten Days When Workers are Most Likely to Call Out Sick – [Fast Company] – I’ll just tell you, it’s usually the Mondays after a holiday

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