The Weekly Rapport: Range, Meaning, and Polaroid Cameras

Hi All,

Welcome to the Weekly Rapport. A weekly guide of things I’m reading, doing, and experimenting with. Enjoy.

Quote of the Week

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. – Tom Waits

What I’m Reading

Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World – David Epstein


You can pretty much figure out what this book is about before you even go to page one – it’s better to have a broad range of skill and knowledge rather than to specialize in one narrow thing. I mainly wanted to read it since I know David Epstein is not only an incredible writer, but also an exceptional researcher.

I’ve been watching a lot of Masterclass series – a gift from my fiancee Lauren for Christmas – and most recently watched Malcolm Gladwell’s series. The three authors that he loves to read are Lee Child, Michael Lewis, and David Espstein. It’s well established that Lee Child is my favorite author, and Michael Lewis is obviously well-known for hits like The Blindside, Moneyball, and The Big Short. But I had yet to read any of David Epstein’s work. And after reading Range, it’s no wonder Gladwell admires him – they have a very similar style in their storytelling – using examples and hopping around from case study to case study, using research, logic, and statistics to prove their point.

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl


I consider this to be one of the greatest books ever written. Most people have heard of it, but if you haven’t it’s the first hand account of psychologist Viktor Frankl’s time in a Holocaust concentration camp during World War II. As a neurologist and psychologist, it was Frankl’s mental strength and attitude (called logotherapy) that got him through each and every day. His positive attitude, sense of humor, and construct of finding meaning in everything is a model that everyone can and should abide by. If he can get through three years of constant Nazi terror with that mindset, you can get through the work week…

What I’m Testing


After reading Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To by David Sinclair, I’ve been taking his advice of the newest science theories to heart.

Anti-aging Molecules

In in no way know which brands are the best, I merely did some very lazy Amazon review scanning and came across the products that I’m linking to below. I’ve been taking them for about three weeks now.

  • Resveratrol – take 1 gram (1,000mg) daily with some form of fat (peanutbutter, yogurt, avocado, etc.)
  • NMN – take 1 gram (1,000mg) every morning
  • Vitamin D+K – one daily dose

Sinclair also takes Metphormin daily, but that is a prescribed drug. In terms of other life factors that help with longevity, they’re all the obvious ones that sound easy and we say we do them, but we really should be much more disciplined in doing so:

  • Skip one meal a day, also known as Intermittent Fasting
  • Keep sugar, bread, and pasta intake as low as possible
  • Walk a lot every day, lift weights frequently, jog a bit
  • Eat more plants, less meat
  • Do ice/cold exposure, along with sauna therapy occassionally
  • Don’t smoke, avoid microwaved plstic, excessive UV exposure, X-rays and CT scans
  • Get adequate sleep, and make sure it’s DARK and COLD

New Product I’m Loving

FujiFilm InstaMax Polaroid Camera


I’m big on print-out photos. I can get really nostalgic and love periodically going through old childhood pictures or even my Google photo memories from a few years ago. This year I started taking polaroid pictures with friends and I love how they look. The lighting is awesome and every photo looks vintage and candid.

The only issue is that the film only carries 10 photos, but you can also look at that as a positive since it forces you to take quality pictures.

I think for my next trip or night out, I want to take one of those old disposable cameras, take all 25 pictures, but then not get them developed for like a year…

Have a good weekend y’all



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