The Weekly Rapport #4: Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

Thoughts coming out of the weekend:


  • Loyola is in the Final Four – and it’s not Maryland, but Chicago. Nonetheless still rooting for a fellow Jesuit Loyola school to take home the big prize. It’s been so much fun to watch this team. This March has been particularly crazy with some of the upsets, especially #16 seed UMBC taking down overall #1 seed UMBC by twenty points. I’ve already lost enough money to know that I should not bet on any of the games moving forward, and I’ll accept the losses of all seven brackets I filled out this year. Only thing worse than losing your bracket is having to listen to Michigan and Villanova fans take obnoxious pride in their schools. Only kidding, but seriously, chill out. I’m just jealous my school sucks at the popular sports. V’s up!


  • Another thing that happened this weekend was March for Our Lives. An awesome day where hundreds of thousands of people got together in over 800 cities to promote change in our country’s backward-ass gun laws. It’s kinda sad that this is what we’ve come to just to knock some common sense towards something that should be a no-brainer. I’m really proud of the kids from Flordia who basically said “Fuck this” and didn’t back down. This is an important time in history and we need to keep pushing to get things done. It doesn’t matter what your views are on gun laws – left or right, we can all agree something needs to change. I still believe in the right to bear arms but it should be WAY, WAY, WAY, WAAAYYYY harder to buy something that can instantaneously kill someone. Just need somone in Washington to kick down the door and take control of this shit once and for all.


  • I really feel bad for guys named Tanner. They may be a totally normal person or like a mathmetician or some shit but as soon as I hear the name Tanner my brain immediately puts on a surfer guy voice like “Whassssuppp braahh, I’m Taaaaanner.” Tough world out there.


Anyway, here’s this week’s dose of the Weekly Rapport Box – five things in my life that I’m currently enjoying, reading, testing or toying with.


Book I’m Reading

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter


This book should be required reading for every person in the world. I don’t know how I didn’t pick this up sooner. The main premise of if is that our whole lives, we’re taught in school the skills we need to learn in order to make money. Fair enough. What they don’t teach, however, is what to do with that money. Advertisers want you to spend money, your parents what you to save money, but how do you actually earn money without getting a high-paying job. This book outlines that tools and actions you need to put in place in order to take control of your finances. And it doesn’t involve getting a raise, or learning how to build a mobile app in your spare time.

Podcast I’m Recommending

Joe Rogan Experience with David Goggins

This guy is an absolute savage. He went from being 300 lb. Rodent Exterminator down on his luck and depressed, to transforming himself into a Navy Seal, becoming an ultra-marathon runner (over 100 miles at a time) and getting absolutely shredded. He came from complete rock bottom and just willed himself to success by constantly telling himself that he is a bad mother fucker and wouldn’t take no for an answer, no matter what. This was one of the most influential and motivating things I’ve listened to in a while. His story is insane and at parts, sounds completely made up. But it’s a true testimony to saying “Fuck it, I can do this” to just about anything in life. If you need a boost of motivation, take the time to listen to this full podcast with David Goggins – you won’t regret it.

Website I’m Visiting Daily


I try not to go on websites like CNN or FoxNews for my news since I know how skewed the information can be left or right. I used to read Business Insider daily, but found that they were guilty of the same click-bait and misinformation that a lot of trusted websites are nowadays “I Tried the ‘Uber of Teeth Whitening’ and a Dentist Bleached my Teeth in my Living Room – Here’s What it was Like”. Digg, however, is great. It curates the top articles/videos from across the web ranging from a variety of topics and genres like politics, music, social issues, etc. There’s no bias since it is simply a list of the most popular or viral articles. I use Digg and Flipboard for most of my on-the-go news.

Headphones You Should Definitely Give a Shot

Apple AirPods


Believe me, when these first came out I thought they were just as ridiculous as you probably did. How the hell do you expect people not to lose two small earbuds when I can barely keep track of my wired headphones? I got these as a gift back in October and I can’t say one negative thing about them. They’re incredible. I use them for working out, for music, podcasts, phone calls… everything. I’ve been promoting them to anyone who wears headphones. They’re absolutely worth the $160, especially if you take a lot of phone calls or go running. And the battery life last much longer than the typical bluetooth headphone.

What I’m Forwarding to Friends


This article on food. It literally answers any and every possible questions you could have on food and diet. It makes it pretty simple that there’s no “secret diet” or “superfoods” that will make you healthy. As long as you eat primarily healthy natural foods, limit sugar, and try to do everything in moderation – you’ll cover off on 90% of the basics.

“So, for our health, the “best” diet is a theme: an emphasis on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and plain water for thirst. That can be with or without seafood; with or without dairy; with or without eggs; with or without some meat; high or low in total fat.”

Also I just watched this 60 Minutes piece on Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks last night – definitely worth watching if you’re a fan of the NBA, or just freak athletes in general.

Ride on,



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