The Weekly Rapport #26: Get Rich, Watch Netflix, and Keep your Passwords Safe

Hi All,

Hope you appreciate the click-bait headline. Here is your weekly guide of things I’m reading, doing, and experimenting with. Enjoy.

Book I’m Reading

I Will Teach You to Be Rich – Ramit Sethi


Alright, this is straight up one of the most important books you could ever read. I realize I say that a lot, but I’m recommending these books for a reason.

It’s a cheesey title, I know – but of all the finance books I’ve read this is by far the most practical and easy-to-implement one. I still recommend The Millionaire Next Door, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and both of Tony Robbin’s books – but I’m adding this one to the financial education arsenal. Rather than get into all the annoying psychology, statistics, and motivation behind investing and saving, I Will Teach You to be Rich gets right into it… e.g. Here’s what to do with each paycheck, here’s how much should go into savings, these are the accounts you should open, these are the best banks to work with, this is how you should set up your 401k, don’t invest into these shitty things, and so on and so forth.

I heard about Ramit Sethi from the Tim Ferriss podcast way back in 2014. After that I started following his newsletter (which I highly suggest). He came back on the podcast last month for a great episode which caused me to finally purchase the book.

Show I’m Watching 



It can be tough for me and my girlfriend to agree on a show to invest in – especially with our schedules being a little off, but this was a great choice. I know I’m probably behind and most of you people have already watched every season of every good show ever made – but I like to take my time with television, okay? I’ll get to The Wire, the Sopranos and Game of Thrones by the time I retire, I’m sure…

I love Jason Bateman in just about everything he does. Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses, and his unforgettable performance as Pepper Brooks in Dodgeball. But his acting in this show is on another level. Murder, love, cheating, stealing. This show is insane and the first season is jam-packed with action. I don’t want to compare it to Breaking Bad because that’s a stretch, but it’s pretty close in both character development and action.

Online Tool I’m Using



I’ve always used Evernote for important documents and passwords, but I just learned about LastPass which is essentially just a broswer plugin that automatically stores all of your usernames and passwords in one convenient “vault” and organizes them by category – Finances, Social Media, Subscription Websites, etc. There’s also a mobile app for it to store your iPhone passwords. This is key for me as a lot of my logins are requiring me to change my password now – meaning I can’t use the same password I have since third grade for everything.

Amazing Podcast I Listened To

Naval Ravikant on the Joe Rogan Experience #1309

I hate pushing podcasts on people, especially the Joe Rogan podcast. I love it, but I totally understand that it’s reached critical mass at this point and now it’s the subject of a lot of criticism – which in these days is mainly memes. Like the one’s shitting on the name Kyle.

But this one was honestly one of the best and most educational podcasts yet. Naval Ravikant (@naval), who has also been on the Tim Ferriss Show, is an angel investor by occupation, but his deep wisdom unveils so much more to his personality and opinions on life. He just has such an incredible understanding of the world and is able to break down complex things in to such easy, bite-sized quotes that you will remember for a long time.

He is a great follow on Twitter as well. Highly suggest reading through the below thread from last year.

Show I Loved

Oh, Hello on Broadway – John Mulaney & Nick Kroll

Other than real comedy buffs, this show went relatively under the radar while it was on Broadway. I’m glad it came out on Netflix since I was unable to see it live.

It’s hard to describe the plot since there really isn’t any, but it’s essentially John Mulaney and Nick Kroll acting as two old Jewish men living in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. That’s about all I can describe, but it’s hilarious. There is definitely some high-brow humor involved so you need to know your stuff.

Great Reads Across the Internet



I’ll leave you with a random Spotify shuffle song that stopped me the other day.

Enjoy your weekend


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