80% of Happiness is Body Chemistry

80% of happiness is body chemistry

Some days I wake up drowsy, others I feel energetic and jump out of bed. Some days I crash at 3 o’clock, other days I get a random burst of energy at 5.

Mentally, it’s exhausting. I’m constantly living between “Maybe I’m burnt out” and “Maybe I feel this way because I don’t want to be doing what I’m doing.”

Often this brings me back to a question my college professor used to ask himself when he felt a little strange:

“Is it a software or hardware issue?”

Your software is your brain, and your hardware is your physical body

Your energy depends on your physical form. Your hardware is literally made out of what you put in it – and that’s not just food. It’s what you put into it with effort, good sleep habits, and the reduction of stressful environments (people, places, things).

The most important metric is your personal energy.

If you want to enjoy life you want to have as much energy as possible. And the best way to have as much energy as possible is to be fit and healthy.

Oftentimes, simply getting back to the basics and treating your body well tends to solve 80% of your problems. What you think is burnout, anxiety or depression is commonly just not having the right body chemistry to propel you forward.

Get back to basics: Sunlight, walking, exercise, quality sleep, and nutrient-dense food. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a software issue.


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