The Weekly Rapport: Sleep, Cravings, and New Years Challenges

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Welcome to the Weekly Rapport. A weekly guide of things I’m reading, doing, and experimenting with. Enjoy.

What I’m Reading

Wired to Eat – Robb Wolf


It’s actually ridiculous when you think about how eating healthy is treated in our society. Have you ever tried eating healthy in an office? Every nosey coworker is all over what you’re eating and all of the sudden is pushing cookies and donuts on you every day.

Guys, ever try ordering salad on a boy’s night out? Good luck with your reputation after that move… It’s insane. We should really be making fun of the smoker who orders a burger, fries, and a large diet coke. That guy is on the road to killing himself. But that’s not what we were brought up in. Opt for a water instead of a beer and you get ridiculed. There’s a time and a place for all that stuff, and of course we all need the occassional night out on the town, but once it becomes chronic purely out of fear and habit, that’s where the danger of disease and death become a real consequence.

Through the years of consuming so much content about health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition, the name Robb Wolf pops up a lot. Robb is an expert biochemist and was one of the founding members of Crossfit. Now before I go full Paleo/Crossfit meathead on you, yes he does promote the Paleo diet. But he’s also extremely rational and level-headed about it and understands it’s not for everyone. This book isn’t a bible on all things Paleo (which if you don’t know just meat or fish as protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fatty oils – to simplify it completely). I wouldn’t call it a “diet” so much as just “eating healthy” minus bread, dairy, and a large reduction in carbs like rice and potatoes.

But that’s besides the point. The book is called Wired to Eat: Turn Off Cravings, Rewire Your Appetite for Weight Loss, and Determine the Foods That Work for You for a reason. It’s about way more than eating healthy. Robb Wolf goes deep into the biological factors that cause us to crave and overeat, along with tips on how to avoid doing so. Sleep, sunlight, and movement are huge factors. But he also goes deep on medical know-how, such as getting yearly bloodword done to monitor your glucose and blood pressure. Even if you only read the first 100 pages of this book, you’ll know more about health and nutrition than 90% of people out there.

What I’m Listening To

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams – Dr. Matthew Walker


Speaking of sleep, holy shit is it important. If don’t have 13 hours to kill listening to this audiobook, check out Dr. Matthew Walker’s appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience #1109. It’s mind blowing just how much sleep affects our overall mood, fitness level, memory, attitude, brain function, body weight, and basically every other function. Every chapter is choc-ful of “Holy shit” facts that make you want to go take a nap immediately. As I’ve gotten older, engaged, and less fun, I’ve become more strict about my bed time, but still insist on staying up later on the weekends. But after listening to this, I realize just how much those 2am nights are curtailing my life.

If that doesn’t convince you, then check out Lebron James’ approach to sleep and why he credits sleep for his longevity.

What I’m Watching

Peaky Blinders


As a book nerd, I’m admittedly very late to the party on hit shows like this. But after seeing enough Halloween costumes of badass guys in twead suits smoking cigarettes I figured I’d check it out. Also, Cillian Murphy is a phenomenal actor, so I knew it at least be worth my while. Long story short, this show is freaking awesome and I’m only six episodes in. My fiancee, who is scared of anything with a knife or a gun (basically every good movie or show ever…) also loves it, if that’s any indication.

If you watched Sons of Anarchy, it’s essentially the exact some plot – but instead of a modern-day biker gang in California, it’s a 1920’s gambling gang in Birmingham, England with cool accents.

New Years Challenge to Myself


My whole life I’ve wanted to read Robert Caro’s absolute BEHEMOTH of a book about Robert Moses, The Power Broker. (It’s over 1100 pages with teeny tiny writing, so this may take a few years). If you’re unfamiliar with Robert Moses, he is fascinating. He is arguably the most important builder in American history. Helping to construct many of the structural highways, parks, beaches, and buildings that define New York City and Long Island. You’re probably thinking, as I did, “Oh, he must have been a governor or mayor or something, right?” Nope! He did all of this without ever being elected to office.

The bad news, as with many powerful people, was his lust for power, questionable ethics, and racism. So you know what that means… A Democratic politician wants to change the name of Robert Moses State Park. Have fun debating that at your next family party…

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